Inform Decisions

Data must always be presented with a story in mind. Data without a story is nothing but a confusing bag of numbers. For example, if you were presented with a number, say, 25,338.84, would that figure have any meaning to you? Of course not, as it is without context. However, if one was to say that the figure represents the closing market value of the DOW Jones Industrial Average yesterday, then it's a number worth noting.

Interest Beyond the Interest

Institutions of Higher Education design web experiences to provide a service. In rare occasions, whenever dealing with new students or retention, schools attempt to gather intelligence about student intent. If institutions are able to understand intent, admissions staff can engage a potential student in a way that inspires them to achieve that which they want, generating a win-win relationship that will hopefully last a lifetime.

When Value Loses Interpretation

Value does not exist by itself; value exists in the connections made between things. As a growing software and services company, we believe value requires interpretation. Sometimes the value doesn't come in the form of a delivered solution, but rather later, when one creates a report or illustrates with data the impact that a solution has had on an operation (and perhaps on its bottom line).

A Call to Inspiration

Information Technology needs a call to inspiration. Many technologists we know in Higher Education have been confused by the messages purported by others, and over time, forgotten the real purpose of serving as technologists within an institution. We believe campuses are ripe for a revitalization, and the return of the creative, disciplined spirit that brought with it so many technological innovations over the past few decades.

The Magic of Prudence

When it comes to disaster recovery planning and the circulation of information, we believe it is best absorbed when presented consistently and repeatedly. So, once you have created the plan for restoring systems in the event of failure, remember to use a familiar format. Include a paragraph about the purpose of each system, and always re-distribute the same document with relevant updates highlighted.

So, What's the Punchline?

With a list of critical systems, a matrix of priorities, and a measure of preparedness, it’s now time to create goals around the plan. Focus on what can be done in the short term to develop and/or improve a response to how restoring each system will help ensure business continuity. Once that is completed, make notes on how the plan might be improved from year to year.