Reshaping the New Year

Why do we feel as if we need to gear up to work when we leave for an extended holiday? The answer is simple. When you are away from the structures of an organized business you slowly enter into the zone of habit. You are slowly and steadily trained to deliver in a well set routine, with boundaries, players, and roles well understood.

When you go away on a vacation or an extended holiday your whole person quickly adjusts to the fluid creative human that you are meant to be. The best thing you can do upon return to work in 2014 is to use the first day back at work to create, to innovate. If you seriously consider it, you will find even the thought of spending time doing something creative will dissipate any negative feelings towards returning to work. Besides, you will find it is much easier to think outside the box on that first day, when your brain has had space to think, than any other day after.