New Year's Challenge, Day 2

First, think about something specific that can change your life, but that you know is impossible. 

The word “possible” comes from the Latin word posse, which means power. When you place something in your list of “impossibles” you are affirming there is one more thing you do not have the power to change. However, lack of power to enact change is often the single strongest driving force of those who we consider heroes. 

Right now there is a teenage girl named Malala Yousafzai who is mobilizing international economic and political powers around the core of her unshakable beliefs. She is willing to challenge the stance of a nation so that all women may have the right to an education. Malala started her work at the age of 11 in a Taliban controlled area of Pakistan, one of the strongest oppressing powers against women rights in the world... and she is winning. Impossible? Not for an 11 year old girl in Pakistan. 

Then there is also Eleni Stoycos. Eleni is a teenage girl from a middle class American family in North Carolina who generated enormous interest when she wrote a brilliant essay articulating she is being educated, but she is not receiving the right type of education. Is it impossible to reform education in the United States? Not for a teenage girl in North Carolina. 

Malala’s “possible” emerged from oppression, while Eleni’s “possible” from foresight. Both of these young women are turning “impossibles” into “possibles”, and they will change education way beyond the confines of the best organized board of education.

Today, we challenge you to change at least one of your “impossibles” into a “possible”. You are just as strong as these young women, and your quest just as important. We are so good at celebrating PAST heroes we miss the ones emerging around us every day. Worse yet, we find it hard to believe we are also eligible to join their ranks.