Professional Armadillos

Those who can’t define their value by delivering measurable accomplishments will always attempt to prove their worth by eroding the reputation of those around them. Such individuals are referred to as “professional armadillos,” because every time they are asked to explain performance, they ball up into a very thick, hard, and effective layer of explanations as to why everyone else has failed, or is failing them. The goal of the “professional armadillo” is to stay safe and alive in the middle, while all others are offered to sacrifice in the outer shell.

Although it would be nice to report that the business world rejects such persons, the opposite is true. Those who win by shooting down others are quite often just as successful, and many times much more powerful than those who don’t.

The best way to deal with “professional armadillos” is to create a network of allies who function in the exact opposite way. Your closest business allies should be the best of the best. Their purpose is not to resolve issues with “professional armadillos,” because unfortunately, they can’t, and you can’t either. Instead their purpose is to create a professional circle that will continuously remind you that you are not alone, and that production is still the only thing that matters.