Recognizing With Gratitude

Higher Education institutions are so complex that recognition for the performance of staff members is usually personal, but many times disconnected from the community their work impacts the most. To better suggest a way for connecting employee and community, consider how the spirit of Thanksgiving runs parallel to the marketing efforts of a local brewery and the magic of Disney.

Last week’s Thanksgiving holiday presented many with an opportunity to reflect on that which makes us who we are and what we’ve become, and to express our gratitude among family and friends. The holiday ushers in a time of reflection, of giving, and of recognition for all things great and good. 

In the spirit of giving thanks, this week a local brewery that we follow on Instagram started a profile series of its staff members designed to highlight the services and contribution of its employees and the connections that each makes with its customers.  

The first post received great feedback, and comments ranged from the congratulatory to reflections on positive experiences with the featured staff member to expressions for overall satisfaction of the product. 

What a great culture building exercise! The idea is free, the effort is minimal, the recognition is easy, and the attention that it brings to those that deliver services on behalf of the brand are immeasurable! By showcasing its staff, the business is making an effort to highlight the contributions that each person plays in delivering a top-notch product, and it shows with the reception of the posts and every interaction at their business.

Instagram takeovers (in which an employee or a guest speaker assume creative license over the brand’s social media account) are not new on the social platform. But this is one of the first time we’ve seen employees specifically profiled as features of the brand and the product. As a growing business, the decision is paramount to increasing awareness about its staff and connections to the community the business serves. 

We’ve written before about an adage most associated with Disney: “We take care of our employees, our employees take care of our customers, and our customers take care of our profits.” By promoting team members AS the brand, businesses like Disney and our local brewery each have the potential to create an immediate connection with everyone outside of the organization.

Award plaque gifts help employees build a story of personal success, which is relevant to other employees. Using your institutional voice to tell your clients how you love your employees deepens a sense of responsibility in the employee, and thankfulness in the hearts of your clients.