How Do You Define Improvement?

With every challenge that we face as professionals comes an opportunity for each of us to deliver improved, measurable results and exceed expectations.

In 2016, I became responsible for all core services of the institution for which I worked, including IT, Maintenance, Custodial Services, and Contracted Services. I knew, as did the president know, that I would improve all areas of services in a matter of time. After all, I had confidence in my success and how it would further my career.

Every time I accept a new challenge, I spend most of my time addressing what seems to be the same issue over and over again. Yet, most with whom I work don’t know how to improve upon that which they oversee. How come I do? Am I smarter or wiser than my peers? Hardly. Rather, it is my past professional experience that provides me with a pristine point of reference of what a business should be, and how it should function.

There are a handful of humans who are born visionaries regardless of their life experience. For the remaining 99% of us, a point of reference in excellence is our most valuable asset. When the challenge for improvement is thrown on the table, two distinct groups are created. Those who have a point of reference and act upon the challenge, and those who don't have a point of reference and spend most of their time discussing the meaning of the word "improvement."

Seek out pristine points of reference in your professional and life experiences. You will not need it to get a job, but you will need it to rise above if you choose to accept any challenge.