All 58

As of this Tuesday morning @ 9:20 am, we completed our goal of visiting every single one of the 58 Community Colleges in North Carolina. The last college we reached was Tri-County Community College in Murphy, North Carolina, which, if driven in a straight shot, is almost 500 miles from where we are headquartered in Wilmington.

We traveled thousands of miles over a period of six months to reach every college for one simple reason: We work by principle. We believe that in order to serve a system as vast as the North Carolina Community College System we must gain a personal understanding of the people who run each one of these colleges. We need to know how they see their institution, their community, and the wider educational system of the State. What we’ve gained from this experience is indeed a deep understanding of the diversity of thought and action employed by each college, but also common issues and goals. 

Following a work ethic based on principled intentions is the best antidote for busy work, and it is hard to pull off! Everyday tasks will pull you down towards work churn that does not go away, and you will have to continuously fight the “tyranny of the urgent.” 

What are the principles by which you work? What are the behaviors of one who lives by the principles in which you believe? How often can you invest your time in principled and intentional work?

The more you succeed in investing your time rather than spending it, the more you will reap the rewards that come from your efforts.  Productivity, work happiness, purpose, and clarity in decision making. As drivers in your actions, there is no greater reward for your efforts.