Authentic Attitudes Generate Successful Brands

As a team we rely on the strengths of the group, but as individuals we must accept the boundaries of our personality and experience. We should never try to be who we aren’t, because success comes when the world responds to how authentic we are. While authentic attitudes generate successful brands, quite often manufactured brands only generate empty disinterest.

Recognizing With Gratitude

Higher Education institutions are so complex that recognition for the performance of staff members is usually personal, but many times disconnected from the community their work impacts the most. To better suggest a way for connecting employee and community, consider how the spirit of Thanksgiving runs parallel to the marketing efforts of a local brewery and the magic of Disney.

Retaining Top Talent

A few years ago, I started reading articles that discussed how companies were hunkering down during the recession and shedding unnecessary expenses in order to make it through without necessarily introducing layoffs. The author went on to note that these businesses were focused on hording cash and attempting to build liquid assets (rather than invest too much in infrastructure, etc.), and in doing so would be in a better position to grow quickly once signs of a recovery started to appear.

Shrinking Tuitions: Game and Response

I consider higher education strategies involving reduction of tuition and fees to be environmentally inspired. Like many times before, once an idea becomes environmental it spreads not by its own merit, but because original ideas are scarce. This is true in business, music, arts, design and any other facet of human work. Consider the following blog as a perfect example of environmental idea propagation.