Disaster Recovery

The Magic of Prudence

When it comes to disaster recovery planning and the circulation of information, we believe it is best absorbed when presented consistently and repeatedly. So, once you have created the plan for restoring systems in the event of failure, remember to use a familiar format. Include a paragraph about the purpose of each system, and always re-distribute the same document with relevant updates highlighted.

So, What's the Punchline?

With a list of critical systems, a matrix of priorities, and a measure of preparedness, it’s now time to create goals around the plan. Focus on what can be done in the short term to develop and/or improve a response to how restoring each system will help ensure business continuity. Once that is completed, make notes on how the plan might be improved from year to year.

Life’s a Beach (Or Another Bumper Sticker Phrase)

We believe there is a clear path towards finding that stability and reliability that every institution deserves. Best practices surrounding disaster recovery are ripe and ready to be employed by institutions willing to make the time. And because we are connected everywhere, at any time, the reality is that with a little bit of preparation and planning and support, we don’t have to wait until our retirement plan is in repayment before we have a chance to enjoy some peace of mind.