A Call to Inspiration

Information Technology needs a call to inspiration. Many technologists we know in Higher Education have been confused by the messages purported by others, and over time, forgotten the real purpose of serving as technologists within an institution. We believe campuses are ripe for a revitalization, and the return of the creative, disciplined spirit that brought with it so many technological innovations over the past few decades.

It Takes Strength in Numbers

The best way to enact your strategy is to get everyone else to support it (which contrary to popular believe is not an obvious strategy). Yet, few of us do it. The successful leaders we know understand that it has nothing to do with plowing through people and challenges, but everything to do with approaching the conversation with confidence while convincing others to join you.

Make Conference-Inspired Ideas a Reality

When you return to campus after the next conference you attend, what will you take with you? Will your experiences be condensed down to entries on an expense report, or will you carry the conversations you had back to campus and turn that experience into action? If you want to start a revolution of action, you must not worry about what you cannot control. 

Intelligent Business Prudence

Intelligent Business Prudence

Always expect the best but prepare for the worst. It is neither optimism nor pessimism, but rather intelligent business prudence. Those practices can create the confidence needed to look others straight in the eye and tell them that you can accomplish what is needed, and then do it. Just like work ethic trumps ambition, principled action eats optimist for breakfast. 

Professional Armadillos

Professional Armadillos

Those who can’t define their value by delivering measurable accomplishments will always attempt to prove their worth by eroding the reputation of those around them. Such individuals are referred to as “professional armadillos,” because every time they are asked to explain performance, they ball up into a very thick, hard, and effective layer of explanations as to why everyone else has failed, or is failing them. 

Building in Time

Building in Time

One of the most common complaints that I heard as a university administrator revolved around the concept of, “How am I supposed to do all of these tasks? There isn't enough time.” Truth be told, I didn't overwork my teams: I simply raised the bar and ask them to cut out the unnecessary items that occupied a good portion of their day. When was the last time you stopped to think about how much time evaporates between tasks? Upon introspection, one can often find some efficiency to be gained.

New Year's Challenge: Wrap Up


Over the past week, we have published 7 principles with the potential to make us better stewards of our personal gifts:

  1. Reach higher
  2. One by one turn “impossibles” into “possibles”
  3. Communicate clearly
  4. Create a Personal Culture
  5. Mentor those who depend on you
  6. Become a more aware citizen
  7. Live an “action based life”

The challenge today has two parts. The first one is to wrap these behaviors as a present to yourself and adopt them as a part of who you are starting now. In fact, we were inspired to write this series when we started hearing conversations a few weeks ago about resolutions for the new 2014 year and it became apparent that most of us wish for better, but we have a hard time conceptualizing how we may achieve it. In our experience the “how” comes as a result of an emotional investment and understanding the thoughts of our minds, the intentions of our hearts, and how the actions of our hands have the power to create beauty, understanding, caring, action, and love. The simple application of these 7 behaviors to your work, your family, your social groups, or your church, will guarantee you are spending at least part of your energy in changing the space around you instead of accepting it as it is.

The second part of today's challenge is: We would like for YOU to share your gifts with us. Write down a behavior that you find worth sharing here and leave it as a comment so we may benefit from the wisdom that makes you uniquely special.

Happy New Year!