Remove the Dust of Custom

Higher ed is really good at doing things the way we’ve always done them, yet most can’t answer the question as to why that is. We fell that every college has room to dust off their customary processes and resources. The starting point is to focus on a different question: “How?” It takes some housekeeping, but the key to improve services and resources so that the purpose for which they were originally created is again clear or improved is to impose review with fresh eyes.

What Are You Paying For?

Shifts in budget management are especially challenging.  A new budget manager may not be familiar with all the expenses for which they’ve been asked to pay, and often reorganizations within the college structure can leave some expenses lost in transition, with budget managers unintentionally renewing software or services that might be obsolete or underused. So, what are you paying for?

The Conventional Wisdom of Remaining the Same

I often read documents that preach how IT operations should push the business structure to minimize customizations. I understand their motivation and the conventional wisdom related to the reduction of cost. However, I do disagree wholeheartedly with the conclusion. There is a lot of talk about how IT has finally reached its position as a strategic partner with the business it serves because of a new focus on analytics. Analytics will allow businesses to make smart decisions, and it is very, very important. But so is the customization of software offerings.