ClarityTM is designed with your budget in mind.


Budgeting for an institution can be compared to running a large business in the private sector. Each has multiple sources of income and many types of expenses associated with the operation of its business.

Thankfully, we've developed ClarityTM with your budget in mind!

Your budget should contribute with information and bring intelligence to your decision making.


Reduce Labor Cost

By employing Clarity in your business, you immediately have executive level decision making capabilities for less than you would pay an entry level position.

No Spreadsheet Roulette

Clarity frees your budget from the confines of spreadsheets and even paper so that it may become alive and tell you what you need to know.

Make Budgeting Enjoyable

As the individual in your department responsible for estimating the annual budget needs, simply edit your budget and submit it for review.

Incite Transparency

As a campus administrator, review the state of finances in a single view. Receive updates on the items that matter most to the institution and take charge of the finances across every area of campus.


Clarity TM was written specifically for Higher Education, and it was designed for institutions using Ellucian Colleague.

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