Ensure that your institution will lead for generations to come

Solidify the Middle = Solidify your Institution

Every campus strives to regain financial abundance as it seeks to attract the best and brightest minds to become a part of its community.

At FundFive, we believe that ensuring student success begins with securing the resources to make the path to achievement accessible to all students. Solidify the Middle in response to today's higher educational landscape and navigate your institution toward prosperity and greatness.

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What Do We Have to Offer?

Creating a sustainable business strategy starts by ensuring that those in the middle are looking out for the best interests in your business. FundFive has developed Solidify the Middle to help your institution to achieve such results. Core offerings of our approach include: 

Growing Leadership in IT

Leverage the FundFive framework for ensuring that your information technology needs are aligned strategically with the goals of your organization.

Manage Knowledge and Documentation

"Document the Now, and the rest will come later" is our mantra. Without accurate and transparent documentation, processes and knowledge is lost and inefficiencies run wild. Chart a path to build the next Wikipedia specific to your institution and include it in your strategic plan.

Employ CPO Project Management

Critical Path Only project management (a modified project management approach made agile) can help you and your teams decide on what's best for the institution, your people and your students. Harness existing staff, partner with vendors and manage projects that will make a difference.

Develop HR Tooling for Efficiency in Evaluations

FundFive has developed processes in critical thinking for how your employees view their stake in the institution. Solidify the Middle helps key managers across the business align their teams with the core objectives of the institution. 

Harness Internal Business Integration

Business process analysis and systems design can be valuable tools in your toolkit. Working with FundFive, you can focus on identifying the components of your business that require a tactical approach to change management and learn best practices for approaching your team.

Tighten Systems Integration

FundFive offers a unique technical process discovery approach for understanding the true requirements that custom application development often misses when attempting to bridge the gaps between disparate systems and data silos.