We have been working with colleges and universities for nearly two decades, and during that time, we have met thousands of great people who champion excellent ideas about how to better the business of their institutions. Often, however, these same individuals lack the necessary tools to bring their ideas to fruition and enact change.

When we first imagined FundFive, we set out to grow a business with one goal in mind: to bring easy-to-use tools to Higher Education that provide indispensable value, It’s our mission to help each campus deliver better service to the campus community with elegant solutions that just work.


Clarity TM

FundFive delivers ClarityTM, an easy to use, web-based tool for perfect budgeting across the organization. Introspection. Instant analysis. Turn on a dime decision making as campus demands change. By employing ClarityTM in your institution, you immediately have executive level decision making capabilities for less than you would pay an entry level position.


Register TM

Continuing Education enrollment can rise and fall with the local economic outlook, and so prospective students often turn to a local community college to build new skills or refresh others. RegisterTM enables institutions to deliver an unrivaled student enrollment experience, providing a painless registration experience and reducing burden on support staff.


Engage TM

By integrating information gathered from prospective students during the registration process (or directly imported from Colleague), admissions marketing and public relations teams can create digital campaigns to expand the use of traditional communications management. EngageTM provides greater transparency into simultaneous campus comunications, eliminating silos and placing individuals at the heart of an institution's communication strategy.


Rise TM (beta)

Every college student graduates with a transcript in hand, but how many actually keep a record of all of their extracurriculars and additional achievements over the course of their attendance? With RiseTM, institutions can promote activities and students maintain a record of their accomplishments in a streamlined mobile application, earning badges predetermined by the school. By building a co-curricular transcript, students graduate with a holistic record of their time on (and off) campus.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of the end user through better technology. If during your workday you find yourself struggling through what should be an easy process and think, “I wish there was a better way to do this,” please give us a call. We are happy to explore custom solutions with you and your team. We’re always available for a conversation!