Perfect Budgeting Made Simple



While off-the-shelf ERP and SIS systems offer financial solutions within their product suites, the tools are seen by many to be extremely expensive, antiquated and difficult to administer at an enterprise level. This results in distributed ownership of the budgeting process and a lack of overall transparency to the current state of an organization’s budget.

FundFive introduces ClarityTM , an easy to use, web-based tool for perfect budgeting across the organization. Introspection. Instant analysis. Turn on a dime decision making as the world around you changes.

How does my institution Budget with ClarityTM? Here's how [PDF]

Your budget is a member of your team and should perform as such.

Your budget should contribute with information and bring intelligence to your decision making. ClarityTM frees your budget from the confines of spreadsheets and even paper so that it may become alive and tell you what you need to know.

What are the goals of your institution? Our chaotic reality does not allow for any time to be wasted. FundFive has created ClarityTM to allow you make these goals possible. With ClarityTM , you can take time out of the equation. ClarityTM will allow you to make decisions on the go.

By employing ClarityTM in your business, you immediately have executive level decision making capabilities for less than you would pay an entry level position.